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 Ngati Hau logoThis design is a stylised cloak pin to represent our connection to our Tupuna Hautakowera where we get our hapu name Ngati Hau; he was known to wear a dog skin korowai. The design symbolises Ngati Hau’s connection to the land, forests, rivers, and sea. Ngatiwai ki te moana, Ngati Hau ki te uta (when we go to the ocean we are Ngatiwai, when we go to the land we are Ngati Hau). Each of the koru shapes represents the areas and marae that make up Ngati Hau.

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The name Ngāti Hau is derived from the ancestor Hautakowera. He was a rangatira who was well known for his hospitality.
There are five marae that belong to the hapū of Ngāti Hau: Whakapara, Akerama, Pehiaweri, Maruata, Maraenui.

Four of these marae are located in the Whangarei and surrounding areas;
-          Whakapara and Akerama (north of Whangarei)
-          Pehiaweri and Maruata (Glenbervie area on the outskirts of

Maraenui is located in the Waihou Valley in the Kaikohe region. Ani Kaaro (Te Tawaka’s sister) donated land to build a marae for whānau who moved to that area or who were travelling in that area and needed a place to stay. There is no marae there at the moment.

Ngati Hau Trust Board

The Ngāti Hau Trust Board is made up of representatives from each of the five
marae. The main function of the Board is to;
·         consider issues that are of mutual interest to the marae 
       and people of Ngāti Hau;
·         combine resources to research and initiate programmes
        that support the development of the hapū (cultural, social,
        and economic);
·         and the preservation of hapū assets and resources 



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