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The marae trustees and other interested whānau are representatives on many other trusts and organisations to look after the interests of the Whakapara marae and beneficiaries.

Omanu Fishing Reserve

  BackgroundTwo and half acres of land at Oakura (Parorerahi Bay) was bequeathed by Eru Nehua for his descendants as a fishing reserve. A trust was established in the 1940’s to administer the land. The land is right on the waters’ edge and at times whānau camp there. However there are no water and ablution facilities there causing health and safety concerns. For a number of years the trust has waned and whānau have tried to revive the trust to develop the land. In recent months the interest in reviving the trust has increased and whānau have had meetings and voted new trustees. These trustees want to establish administration and cultural foundations to help whānau to utilise this gift to stay connected and support one another to achieve personal and whānau aspirations. Many of the descendants do not have Tūpuna land in their ownership and lands such as Omanu F and their marae are the only Tūpuna whenua that they can still feel connected to.  They have become the kaitiaki of this whenua and surrounding environment and need support to learn how to look after this gift and to develop it for current and future generations.
Ngati Hau Trust
We are one of five marae that make up the Ngāti Hau hapu and we have representatives on the trust board to look after the interests of our marae. See here for information about this.

Takiwa ki Whangarei 
There are nine Takiwa attached to Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngāpuhi. The Takiwa represents the marae in their takiwa area. Our marae is in the Takiwa ki Whangarei. The role of the Takiwa is to disseminate information from the Runanga, provide beneficiary feedback to the Runanga and prepare beneficiary registers.  The Takiwa ki Whangarei meets monthly to discuss business and a representative from the Takiwa also attends monthly Runanga meetings to raise issues and receive relevant information.

Ngāpuhi Runanga
Contact to the Runanga is through the Takiwa and directly as and when required. See here for a link to the Runanga.

Other Hapū
It is important that we maintain relationships with neighbouring iwi and hapū. There are many things that we share and have in common for example resources (fishing and land), preparation and implementation of Treaty claims, social and economic development.

 Local and central government agencies
The marae receives resource consent forms from local council and is also  active in working with the local schools, health providers, and law agencies.






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