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New wharekai
This is our priority at the moment to build a new wharekai (dining hall) and wharehoroi (ablutions).

We are currently fundraising and preparing our applications to apply for funding to begin the project. It is proposed to do it in three stages:
·         build the wharekai (October 2008)
·         build the wharehoroi (October 2009)
·         complete fit out and decks (October 2010).

We will be asking our people to support during the building stages with labour, skills (building, plumbing, electricians, plasterers, painters etc) to save as much money as possible.  If you can’t be there you can still help with other contributions, money, provision of materials, resources, equipment.

If you can help let us know This is a huge undertaking but if we all pull together we will get there.  Here is a picture of the proposed design of the new wharekai.  

 proposed wharekai designThis is the proposed design for the new wharekai (the building on the left beside Te Ihi o Nehua)

Water supply (bore and tanks)
We have recently installed a water bore and tanks to provide water for our marae (completed in June 07). We gratefully acknowledge the funds we received from the ASB Community Trust for this.

Water has always been an issue for us. In the past we have relied on a spring located on farm land across the road from the marae. We constantly had water problems because of flooding in the winter, drying up in the summer, cows standing on the pipe and breaking it. It is a great achievement for us to have a reliable supply of water.  

Thanks to the maintenance committee for their tireless work to get the funds and install the bore and build the fence around the tank (finished in October 2007).

 new water bore and tank 2007
New water bore and tank
- view from the topside.  

 new water tank from the front
Front view of the new tank.
Thanks to those people who did 
such a great job.



 2008 Whaikorero and Karanga

Our whaikoerero and karanga wananga have begun, we have completed 2 weekends so far. We are learning a lot of valuable skills and lessons. The children are also having a great time, watching and listening, running around, looking for lizards and bugs. Have a look in our photo gallery.

Our thanks to Te Wananga o Awanuiarangi for their support.  

Fisheries management, language and cultural skills
Over the last four years we have run many wānanga at the marae to encourage people to learn about Māori culture and heritage – including rāranga, whakairo, te reo, waiata and fisheries management.

We appreciate the support we have received from organisations including:
·         Te Wānanga o Aotearoa,
·         Te Wāananga o Awanuiarangi and
·         The Ministry of Fisheries.

These wananga have helped us develop the skills to decorate our tomokanga with whakairo, tukutuku and raranga, carve our waka, develop our waiata and tikanga. They will also help us to carve our wharenui in the future.

We have our own kaitiaki who issue permits, honorary fishery officers and many of our whanau attended the fisheries wananga to learn about the fisheries legislation. This information helps us to look after our resources for future generations.

We will have more wananga to continue our learning and development.

 early morning exercise wananga
   Early morning exercise

 learning marae style wananga
  Learning marae style
 on the road wananga
      On the road
 field trip wananga
  At the top of the maunga
 assessment time wananga
     Assessment time
Field trips helped us see where all our history took place.

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Cultural Arts Projects
It is our aim to develop a cultural arts centre to promote the learning and development of Māori arts and culture firstly for our own marae, hāpu and iwi and in the long term to develop wider relationships  in New Zealand and abroad to share knowledge and understanding.

Our workshop is used for carving and the kokiri and wharenui are used as places to do weaving and other arts and crafts. Projects that have already been completed include the tomokanga and our waka (this was launched on Saturday 27th October 2007). Other planned projects include the carving of our wharenui, decoration of our wharekai.

 carving wananga
 tukutuku wananga
 heke wananga

Kapa haka
There is a kapa haka group ‘Nga Wai o Puhipuhi’ group members are the mainly young people and their families with close ties to the marae. They have performed at many marae functions, they are an awesome group.

Kuia Kaumatua
Our kuia and kaumatua are very active on our marae. They are the mainstays on our maintenance committee, doing hapu research, and generally supporting our marae in all areas.

We are fortunate to have people who know about our early marae history and who can provide insights into our local history and our tupuna.
 Kuia Kaumatua card days have been organized for Sunday afternoons. A time to get together to play cards and have a korero.


Taiohi Youth Programme 
Taiohi provides activities for young people including sports, Māori cultural arts and crafts, leadership development and learning about our marae and history.

A Taiohi representative attends the marae trust board meetings to give a report on activities and to provide input to marae business from a young persons persepctive. It is also an opportunity for that person to learn how the marae operates. These young people are the future trustees and marae kaitiaki.

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Oscar and Playground

This is a school holiday programme, the mare is a registered provider.  The children have a great time playing sport, learning arts and crafts like carving, tukutuku and weaving, learning kapa haka. A dedicated team puts the programme together and works hard to make each holiday a fun time for the kids.

Oscar Programme scheduled 14th to 18th January 2008.
Contact Tepora Kauwhata 09 4339 961.

Another project is to build a children’s playground. A team of people have done the preliminary planning and are looking for funding to complete it.

Once it is finished it will be a safe place for our younger Tamariki to play.







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