Kia ora Whanau 
During the last week of May, the Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust newsletter was posted out to those shareholders that they currently hold an address. 
For those of you who do not receive a hard copy of the newsletter here is the link so you are still able to keep up to date on Trust matters: 
Also remember to check out the list of shareholders that the Trust does not have contact details for:

Just scroll down the page to see the list of names. 
Also of note the Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust AGM will be held on Saturday 6th October 2012 - more information to follow.

Kia ora Whanau -  I just want to remind everybody about the General Rules we have put in place on Rangiwaea Island to protect our kiwifruit from PSA infection - Entry into the Orchard is prohibited to vehicles without the permission of the Ochard Manager (Brendon), however if you wish to visit the Urupa, all footwear must be sprayed before heading up there. Also whanau coming over to Rangiwaea Island for the day... on their private boats or across the beach, need to do the same - We have Designated Hygiene Stations with footbaths and spraying bottles located at:

1. Rangiwaea Island Wharf
2. Rangiwaea Island Marae

If you have any questions, talk to the Rangiwaea locals. This disease has the potential to wipe our kiwifruit out! so please be vigilant in spraying your shoes.

Matakana Island Community Hui

Venue:                Matakana Island Recreation Club;

Date:                   Sunday, 22nd May 2011;

Time:                   10.00am – 1.00pm. 

There is a group of developers who are the landowners of the forestry part of Matakana Island - they are coming to the Island to give us a face to face presentation of what they are proposing. One of the propositions on the table is the offer of 7,000 acres of Forestry land including trees to the Island Community in exchange for the support of the community for their proposal to sell 300 sections spread over the remaining 3,000 acres of forestry land on the open global market.

Regardless of whether we go with proposal or not, whatever the deal we are not sure of what is negotiable - our access to;
• the ocean beach from Tank Road to Panepane;
• the barge
• the school boat etc

Just off hand, whatever happens is going to be a life style type change for all of us. Developments have always been on the otherside of the water - we can see it from the Island but it has no direct impact on us. This time, it's a happening thing over the bush; -

• May get police presence;
• Another school;
• Increased rates;
• Loss of privacy;
• Wahi Tapu

This is not a "consultation" hui - we have been pussy footing around this Kaupapa for quite a while now and it's CRUNCH time. We may need to pull together/nominate a delegation of people to "represent" the views of the Island in meetings with the developers - but hey - it will depend on the views of the katoa after the meeting on Sunday.

This is a very important so please make an effort to come - it would be good for whanau to come and hear about the development stuff from the "horses mouth" so to speak.

If you have any queries, please ask.....if I know the answer I will give it, if I don't I will try and coordinate a response - failing that, I will tell you. Feel free to forward this message on to whanau.

Nau mai - haere mai whanau. Haere mai ki te whakarongo ki nga take e pa ana ki nga taonga a o matou Moutere - mai I Rangiwaea me Matakana.

 Te Uta Roretana

Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust
Papakainga Meeting Update

Kia ora Whanau,Just a wee note to let everyone know about the Papakainga hui held Saturday 20th November at the Tauranga Moana Hall on the strand.

Firstly, the weather was good, and we had good numbers turn up to see first-hand the progress to date with the Papakainga planning.  Our hui commenced with a mihi from our kaumatua Bobby Roretana, followed by karakia from Koro Haimona Samuels.

An introduction was done by our Chairman , Phil Gardiner, then Geoffrey kicked off the program with a quick overview of progress to date.

He then introduced the first of our key speakers, Paul Woods,engineer from Shrimpton & Lipinski who spoke about the logistics and pricing of the services required, including power, water, telephone and roading, followed by John Barnes, Chief Surveyor, also from Shrimpton & Lipinski, who enlightened us with the survey details.

The information they supplied was based on initial contractor quotations for the supply and installation of the services, however, we can take comfort from the fact that through our own contribution’s including whanaunga who are already contractors in similar trades, we will be able to reduce the value of these quotes. The Trust is committed to using or giving our own people the opportunity to price any of the work associated with the development of our Papakainga.

John Koning, who we all know, our Trust solicitor, spoke on the Licence to Occupy, and all the rules and criteria relating to that.

Also in attendance was Anthony Denham from Manaaki Group, who was there to promote his company’s profile for the building of houses.We advised in our earlier panui that Kiwibank were attending our hui, but unfortunately declined at the last moment because of a slight technicality in their lending criteria for whare on an Island.

However we are currently engaged in a bit of korero with Kiwibank and Housing Corp, and we hope to have a bit more info later that may be of assistance to a lot of our whanau.

At the completion of the presentations, the floor was opened for questions, and a good round of questioning resulted in a clearer picture and understanding of the kaupapa for the day.Some of the key points arising from the hui :

  1. All  sections allocated on a “ Licence to Occupy “ basis
  2. The Trust is able to grant Licences to Beneficial owners and Beneficiaries of Whanau trusts as per the Trust order.
  3. The licence will be for 50 years.
  4. Houses must be built within two years of the Licence being granted.
  5. All applications to be done in writing. Application forms available through Coralie
  6. All applicants will be interviewed to assess their ‘State of readiness’
  7. All applicants require a minimum shareholding threshold of 339.81 Shares
  8. Licencees require approximately a one-off $8k to $10k to contribute towards the cost of the reticulation services. ( in addition to the cost of the house, and the cost of the building consent which is approximately $1,100.00  for WBOPDC )
  9. Annual Licence Fee of approx. $250.00

 In summary, the Trust has completed a lot of the preliminary work for the establishment of our Papakainga, and are now entering into the serious phase of allocating out available sections, based on whanau who are in a serious state of readiness to build at Rangiwaea.

So whanau, the time is now, and we invite anyone who thinks they are in a position or have the desire to build a whare on the Island to contact Coralie now, fill in the forms and talk to us and see how we can help you make it happen.

We hope to have some finance options in the near future, and this could be a big help in preparing you for the big move.No reira, noho ora mai i raro i nga manaakitanga a te waahi ngaro.

Tena koutou katoa

For further information contact
Coralie Gardiner 07 5781 045 or


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