Memoirs (New Page)

Kia Ora Whanau,

This is a new page called "Memoirs" that we want to  encourage our whanau to contribute to.  It is of interest to us all to know about some of your memories of life at Rangiwaea/Matakana/Tuhua/Motiti that includes, people, places, events, kai, activities - pretty much whatever you remember of Island life.  To share that with the whanau is pretty special so that we can add to our collective knowledge of the who, what, how, when of our Island whanau.

By now I hope you're jumping out of your skin, ready to tell your yarns.  Our email address is to submit your memoirs.  If you want to keep your stories to just us, you can also submit it to the taonga page - which allows only registered whanau access. 

Look forward to hearing from you xxx Kihi, Kihi, Kihi!

Page last updated 31 Aug 2010