Whanau Whawhe Korero

We're keen to hear all your juicy news, views and clues about whats up with you and your whanau.  This is not a gossip page - heaven forbid... but a place to suss out the haps in the Hapu so we can share and stay connected.
So let us know your latest news/whawhe korero so that we all know whats going on.  And that includes the mokopuna that are soon to arrive or have arrived, birthdays, anniversaries, up and coming weddings, up and coming divorces, fishing stories, golf stories, sporting updates, whanau honours, whanau rukahu.  Just about anything that is of interest to us all.  Particularly the recipe for the bomb carrot cake please! In our Whanau we share everything, eh! 
So, how do you tell us all your gory/glory news... just email us on rangiwaeawhanau@gmail.com  and we'll put your goss on this page.  Don't forget, what
goes on in the whanau, stays with the whanau... Our collective big ngutu are sealed! xxx

And the goss is...   

One day Koro Dick Taingahue got onto the roof of the wharepakau to repair some pakaru fittings - up there.  Whilst he was up the ladder, the wind blew the ladder down... and then the rain came down and washed poor Koro all wet!  Out came the sunshine (2 hours later), and dried up all the rain, and Koro Dick was lucky to get back down again!  Moral: Wear a raincoat!

A lovely man who wishes to remain anonymous,  donated some boxes of arcopal plates to the Marae.  We are very grateful for his thoughtful and kind gift.  This generous man looks very similar to Lenny Tuhakaraina.  Yep, very similar! Nga mihi e te Whanaunga mai Pirirakau xxx

We have 2 waka ama teams entering the Tauranga Corporate Waka Ama Challenge on the 15th March, 2009 at Pilot Bay.  Rangiwaea Marae are representing... cos we're Corporate Islanders!  Hoe Whanau hoe!

Nanny Mawete Gardiner is a movie star and appears on the Lost in Translation series in March, 2009.  Be sure to check her out in the 4th edition of the 10 part series talking about the Treaty of Waitangi with reference to your Tupuna, Hori Tupaea.

Consultation hui with developers for Duck Bay at Rangiwaea on the 15h February.  Hoki mai ki te wa kainga Whanau ki te tautoko tenei kaupapa whakahirahira!  

Uncle Ben Tawhiti filmed his life story back at Rangiwaea for a day over the Anniversary Weekend.  Will let you know when his particular story appears on the E Tu Kahikatea series about kaumatua from around the motu.

The opening for the wharenui at Te Whetu o Te Rangi Marae at Welcome Bay Road, Tauranga is on the 20th December, 2008.  From the ashes of a fire to a new beginning.  Ae, marika!

The Tauwhao Te Ngare Kapa Haka group picked up some prizes at the Tauranga Moana Festival this year at Labour Weekend.  We gained a 2nd in the health checks, 2nd in the banner and march and a first equal with 3 other teams (Ngai Te Ahi, Pirirakau and Matapihi) for the Nga Hau section.  We were thrilled to be a part of this event.  Big thanks to our mainland Whanau who also participated in the sports, taupatupatu etc held on Saturday of Labour Weekend... while the rest of us were busy quaffing our way through seafood and wine at Maria & Cale Taiapas' wedding.

Hear ye, hear ye!  Koro Greg Gardiner celebrates 9 decades of living on the 10 October, 2008.  Koro Kere is a week younger than Nanny May Murray from Matakana who is 90 also.  Three grand people this year celebrate their 90th, the other being Tahi Te Arihi.  The oldest darlingo f them all is Nanny Hinemotu Palmer who celebrated her 91st birthday in January.  Our 2 stately gentleman may well be the oldest kaumatua in Tauranga Moana.  That is simply awesome and we are indeed lucky to have them in our midst!  Look out for some more gorgeous Nanny's turning 90 in 2009. 

We enjoyed the company of the Cook Island inlaw whanau of Hayley Royal, kotiro of Meroiti and Stuart Royal (nee Rehutai) at the wedding of Hayley and Junior Ngatamariki.  A stunningly beautifuly and different wedding from what we are used to.  The kai, the music and the company was stunning.  We are indeed proud that Hayley brought her wedding back to Rangiwaea.  Love and best wishes to them both as they start their new life together in Sydney, Australia.  And without making too much fuss you two... we'd like some mokos please xxx

The stormy crappy weather of the past 2 weeks has come and gone and come again.  Everyone at home is all good, but like you, hoha with the relentless rain, wind and chill of winter.  We have lost some of our Island into the sea with the inclement weather.  Boy oh boy did it rain, and with that rain, it takes more and more of our Island into the sea.  The erosion, particularly around the cliffs along the Rangiwaea Marae side is quite bad. Our main road through Rangiwaea has been quite boggy and dangerous but has just been bladed by Koro Dick - our Hero! A wise woman once said, rather than moan about the weather, learn how to dance in the rain! 

The first Kapa Haka practice on Wednesday 30 July was from all accounts awesome and good fun - tau ke whanau!  Well done to the whanau that attended practice - even in the crappy weather!  It was good fun and every one was taught to breathe, ...again.  Every one is pleased that we're singing our own waiata, after all our Nannies composed our waiata.  Some of the Cuzzies are now working on writing a haka.  Practises will continue to be fortnightly until October when it may change to weekly.  Catch you all at the next practice on the 13th August. 

Did you hear the one about Rick Taingahue gashing his leg on the PTO of the tractor?  Anyway, Dr Doolittle (Brendon Taingahue) thought it wise to use cream to fix the pakaru knee up.  Any old cream will do, even Canestan to put on the gaping wound.  For those of you that don't know what Canestan cream is used for... ask a Lady.  The cream was in the First Aid box and belonged to the Lady workers in the Orchard.  And the poor patient Rick was heard uttering those unforgettable words... "I need cream for me knee, not me box"! Dr Doolittle is booked in to attend a First Aid course.   And these are the days of our lives in the Tauwhao Te Ngare Trust orchard.

The wheels on the bus go round and round...  Over the weekend 19/20 July 2008, the Matakana Island Rugby team departed for a challenge at Galatea, Murupara.  On the way there, the "flash bus" drove under a bridge with a height restriction and whammo!  The air conditioning unit on top of the bus that stuck up over the height restriction collided with the BIG bridge, bringing the flash bus to a grinding halt.  Aue, taukiri e!  Not to be put off however, our boys, wired down the air conditioning unit, and as the wheels on the bus still went round and round... the team continued on to the game.  Sadly they lost but hey, are they awesome or what for carrying on!  Such strength of courage and fortitude in the face of a BIG bridge.   Good story to tell the mokopuna when these players are kaumatua I reckon!  Moral of the story:  Don't argue with a bridge!

Hinewai Taingahue (Jnr) celebrated a phenomenal 21st birthday over the weekend 12/13 July that was attended by her Tainui Whanau (Ngati Haua) and of course her Rangiwaea and Matakana whanau.  Only the stout of heart and staunch of character could be relied on to attend in such yuck weather on the Saturday.  Despite the weather, they still came and Rangiwaea Marae rocked for the whole weekend.  The sun came out on Sunday to provide a warm and smooth ride back on the barge for our manuhiri.  Miss Hinewai is all the best parts of her whakapapa that came together in a celebration that was wined, dined and waiata'd to bits.  We all had a wonderful time and look forward to what is to come for Miss Rangiwaea 2008. 

Koro Dick loves Nanny Joyce.  Nanny Joyce loves Koro Dick big much too.  Wow!  Can you feel the lurrrrrv v v v v v vvv!

Heaps of 50 year olds this year...  Rehutai Taingahue, Liane Gardiner (nee Tawhiti), Marina Palmer, Kira Samuels, Marilyn Palmer and a whole heap of others in the same class at Matakana Island Kura.  Yeehaa for the 5 decaders - ye ole trouts! xxx

Our beautiful old wharekai Paewhitu, located at Opounui Marae was laid to rest on the weekend of 28/29 June.  After much korero and robust debate, it was decided to bury the wharekai as it had been in a state of disrepair for many years.  The burial of Paewhitu is a step towards the location of a lodge type set up to replace the old wharekai to house our Te Ngare whanau. Sunday shone brightly with a mean southerly wind blowing in, but miracles of miracles... no rain! Opounui Marae is one of the few remaining Ringatu marae in Tauranga Moana and so it was fitting that the last honours afforded Paewhitu were with Ringatu, Ratana and Katorika karakia.   A few pictures of us all standing in front of Paewhitu were taken and then the digger driver, Jason Tata, moved his big machine into place to do the deed.  We even had a hakari close to Paewhitu - to keep us all warm and to conclude the mornings activities.  The whole day was not complete without a mad dash by everyone to catch the departing ferry at 1.00 pm.  It was a beautiful and memorable day for the Whanau with a fitting tribute to Paewhitu and all those heart warming memories of past people, occasions and happy times of yesteryear.  Pai marire! We look forward to building future memories at Opounui.

For our Hapu of Te Ngare, last weekends korero and subsequent actions were a major step up in planning our collective future for our Te Ngare and Tauwhao tamariki and mokopuna to come.  We would like to continue the research project started from the June wananga at Septembers wananga.  We also need to bring our collective energies together to plan for a building to replace Paewhitu.  Mauria te take...Bring it on!!

Mauao was returned in a historical "Handing Back" ceremony held on Saturday, 28 June at Whareroa Marae.  Our sacred maunga is ours now, mo ake ake, Amine! 

Further to the surfing story below... the Cuzzies took out the tri-series 2/3 but unfortunately lost the last series to the Raglan surfers.  Khan Butler came third behind Daniel Kereopa (1st) and a Lady.  Yaay for the Lady.  Next time Khan!!

Surfs Up at Matakana Island for surfing whanau!

Khan Butler, Pete Smith, Doug Ranga, Jake Barbarich, Lance Yeager - and his tamariki Hikairo and Tama all represented Tauranga Moana in the Auahi Kore Maori Tri-Series Champs held in Tauranga last weekend.  There was no surf on the day at the Mount and so the surfers took over the south end of Matakana Island to hold their competition.  Khan Butlers score was out there and he placed 1st in the Senior Mens.  Tau Ke Khan! The surfers were drawn from all around Aotearoa and were hosted by the Tauranga Moana surfing whanau at Hungahungatoroa Marae at Matapihi.  The next competition is to be held at Raglan on the weekend of 21/22 June.  Surf hard whanau!  Check out more details and pics of these awesome surfies and the story on www.nzsurfing.co.nz







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