Rangiwaea Marae Developments 2009

What a busy year 2008 was.  We have much to be getting on with for 2009.  In the meantime, we'll put up this years projects when we can all agree on what that is!    


Update 1/6/08:

A small team of the Whanau "Bob The Builders" assemble, time permitting and whanau forgiving, for working bees to complete the mahi at Whakaruruhau.  Whakaruruhau, our "beautiful old girl" is slowly being repaired to her former glory.  We at home can't help being excited as the work progresses slowly and steadily.  We know that you will agree that fixing Whakaruruhau up has been worth the effort and hard work when its all finished. 

The mahi to be completed is structural work to bird proof the whare, polish and polyurethane the floors, wallpapering, and installation of a self contained kitchen unit, and the provision of storage/filing units for an archive.  Whakaruruhau will be used for extra sleeping space, and provide accommodation for the whanau for short term stayovers rather than using the whole Marae.  Completion of this project will go some way towards making our Island more accessible to our whanau.  We will keep you posted on developments for this project.

Developments in the pipeline for Rangiwaea Marae: -

-  Recording of Hapu memories; starting with kaumatua, pakeke, rangatahi and pepi.

-  Development of an archive in Whakaruruhau to house all archival Hapu manuscripts, taonga, photographs, books and the like.

-  Repair and maintenance of the mattress room.

-  Stripping of lino in the main toilets and replacing with speckled paint adhesives to provide a floor that is safe and slip resistant

-  Erection of a "lean to", to house the steamer and other implements.

-  Planning of wananga for 2008 (see Wananga page)

-  Top Town with Ngati Hangarau and Otawhiwhi whanau in 2008 at Rangiwaea.

-  Erection of a kids playground at the back of the wharekai.

-  Recording of CD and compilation of waiata booklets of Hapu waiata tawhito, moteatea and waiata ngahau. 

-  Formation of Tauwhao Te Ngare kapa haka group to participate in Tauranga Moana, Tauranga Tangata Festival in October, 2008.

-  Ta Moko wananga held every Queens Birthday with Moana Moko Roopu. (Coordinated by Hatiwira Tutengaehe)

-  Printing of Ngai Tauwhao and Matakana/Rangiwaea booklets for sale to support the kapa haka roopu.  The books are currently out of print and were published twenty years ago.  Books will be sold from Christmas on and are available at the marae at a price of $20.00 per booklet.  We will print 50 copies initially, and will print more dependent on demand.

-  Facilitate the start of a research project for Te Ngare Hapu 20/21 June @ Rangiwaea

-  Implementation of 186a Temporary Closure of scallop dredges around Rangiwaea.

Page last updated 8 Jan 2009