Rangiwaea Marae Komiti

Rangiwaea Marae is the focal institution for the development and maintenance of our cultural heritage and language for our Hapu.  Our Marae represents the physical, spiritual and symbolic centre from which we conduct Hapu affairs.

Rangiwaea Marae Trust is registered as a legal entity under a Charitable Trust status.  The Trust operates as a not for profit organisation and the Komiti membership is made up of elected unpaid volunteers.

The purpose of the Rangiwaea Marae Trust is as follows:

-  Facilitate, empower and develop the cultural and social capacity of the Hapu of Tauwhao me Te Ngare.

-  Maintenance and ongoing development of Rangiwaea Marae and its facilities.

-  Provision of a venue for cultural education forums from which visitors can be hosted, enlightened and educated in Te Ao Maori.

-  Provision of a venue to host events relevant to the Whanau and Hapu of Tauwhao me Te Ngare, ie wananga, birthdays, tangihanga, unveilings, anniversaries, celebrations, and a place of rest and recuperation for its members.

The vision of Rangiwaea Marae Trust is to provide a forum (the Marae) from which its traditions, culture and kinship ties are facilitated and strengthened for the betterment of its current generations and the generations to come.

The membership of Rangiwaea Marae Trust Komiti are: -

Ngaraima Taingahue (Chairperson)

Monikoura McMillan (Treasurer)

Tirariki Taingahue

John Gardiner

Rongohaua Taingahue

Mike Sydney

Kirimate Taingahue

Te Amo o Te Rangi Ferris

Hinewai Jnr Taingahue

Brendon Taingahue

The Trustees all attended Trustee Governance Training in October, 2007 and have just completed the process of registering as Trustees for the Rangiwaea 21B1 Marae Reserve with the Maori Land Court in late May.

Ehara aku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini!  (Strength and achievement comes from working together)

We thought about placing profiles and mug shots of each komiti member..., engari kao!  You just have to believe us that we're all bewdefulish, stunningly talentedish, humblish... active komiti members!  We look forward to your feedback and ideas on how we can continuously improve on what we do and things to consider to benefit us all.  Ko tau rourou, ko taku rourou, kia ora ai te Hapu!

Page last updated 4 Jun 2008