Hapu Heroes

The Heroes Page will highlight and salute the accomplishments and achievements of our Whanau and Hapu who succeed in the arts, culture, academia, business, sports, work and various other aspects of our lives.

We can all join in a consolidated "Rangiwaea Wave" to say good on you, tau ke, we are proud of your achievement - and that you are one of us!  So, don't be whakama, let us know.

Update: 5 August, 2008

Koro Dick is the man for blading our roads at Rangiwaea after the horrible weather and cows have all but destroyed our main thoroughfare!  At least we can get through now without getting bogged.  You Are The Man Koro Dick!!

Update: - 28 June, 2008

Aunty Kathy Joe looked after all the tamariki at the June wananga, single handedly - all by herself, while the pakeke were involved in a hui! Aunty Kathy has put together a cool tamariki programme that keeps our little darlings busy at every wananga. No mean feat when you consider that ALL our tamariki have little to nothing ears, are given to wandering off in 10 different directions, attention span of about 30 seconds, noisy, LOUD, cheeky, and adorable little cherubs that they are!  Yep, they're our tamariki and while we love them all dearly, you rock Aunty Kathy for keeping the kids engaged, interested in their mahi and all together.  A Hapu decision was made to adopt all 20 "kore taringa" tamariki to you, Darling Aunty Kathy! xxx

Update: - 16 May, 2008

Big Ups to Rob Edwards for being the bus and van driver with the mostest.  Rob transported us all, ma runga pahi on our recent hikoi to Mauao and Otawhiwhi.   He also transported our kaumatua to the Celebrity Roasting in Rotorua by van there and back.  Rob is to be commended for keeping our whanau safe throughout the trip and getting us all home in one peace.  In other words Rob, you rock - BIG TIME and are the hero of the moment even though you will hate that this has even been mentioned!

Prize giving at Te Kura o Te Moutere o Matakana recognised the efforts of many of our Rangiwaea babies on the sports field, in the class room and general all round excellence both in and out of the kura.  Big Rangiwaea Wave to Taieke Tata, Teiaro Taikato, Mikaere Sydney, Waimihi Paki and Casey Webb for making your Nannies cry at prize giving and the rest of the whanau, "stick out your chest proud" of ya!

We had some successes on the water too at the National Waka Ama National Championships at Karapiro in January, 2008.  Many whanau were there to represent including Rehita Tutengaehe's kotiro - Tangimaria, Waimiria, Anahera for Waitakere Waka Ama. Our own tamariki rowing for Hoe Aroha o Mauao, Tane Paki, Mikaere Sydney, Kehukehu Butler, Waimihi Paki, Ihipera Ferris, Hohua Ferris and Te Pae Ferris.  Tane, Mikaere, Kehukehu and Waimihi also scored Club honours for a variety of categories at the recent Hoe Aroha o Mauao prize giving.  Well done tamariki ma. tau ke!

Miss Tara Poihaere Gardiner in Year 9 at Tauranga Girls College who was awarded the Maori Student of the Year for 2007!  Well done Poihaere, we are thrilled to bits for you and of course, very proud!  Poihaere is a mokopuna of the late Te Mou Gardiner, and Nanny Te Kui who lives at Bethlehem, Tauranga.

Another mokopuna of Te Mou and Te Kui Gardiner is also achieving big time.  Gray Gardiner has secured a scholarship with the Canterbury Rugby Union to play rugby and study at Lincoln University next year.  The achievement of a degree in agricultural management is in his sights.  Ka pai Gray and all the best on the rugby and academic fields for 2008.

Page last updated 5 Aug 2008