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BPL Development Hearings

- Na Uta Rolleston

by Rangiwaea Marae on Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 7:08pm

Koina hoki te ki a to tatou nei kuia - a ko Mawete Gardiner.  Bob Rolleston, Hauata Palmer and Aunty Mawete gave their evidence on Friday.....they were "MEAN MAORI MEAN"  ketting the korero out there.  I learnt something when Aunty gave her evidence - that Molly was not her name - her teachers couldn't pronounce her name when she went to Kura - so, to make it easier for them - they called her Molly - Mawete went on to say that she had 3 sisters and again they were given pakeha names - Molly, Polly, Mabel and Mary - Aunty Riria was lucky, she got to keep her name.  

Aunty Mawete - in the true teacher style she has, told the Judge, Blakelys, Western Bay Council and Regional Council that she will fight the development until she dies - she went on to tell them to look at the map - she asked them to look at the shape of Rangiwaea - that it looks like the shape of a patu - which for her, means that regardless of who and what, she will continue to fight until she dies - she has got to be an inspiration to us all.

The court is reconvening on Monday - 11th July 2011 - up at the District Court on McLean Street in Tauranga - if you gonna be in town come on up.  We still have some tangata evidence to give - Jason Murray, Nessie Kuka, Graham Lawrence (our expert witness) I think there are 1 or 2 others but I can't remember.

Whanau, if you have any questions just send me a message - If I can answer it I will, If I can't, I'll tell you and will try and get an answer for you.  That's it for me this time around - catch you later.

 Hearings are over!

Well whanau, the hearings are finally over - they ended on Tuesday, 12th July 2011 at approx 11.00am.  The court room - (a very tiny room I must add) was packed - heaps a whanau rocked up to the final day to get an idea of what the outcome was.  The judge said they would not be able to deliver any decision until around December - so, the wait starts.

Right from the onset - day 1 of the appeal - Blakelys stance was that "No development is not an option" which means that no matter what - they will do whatever it takes to get their development up and running.  Blakelys development proposal is at the Paretata (or Bowentown) end of the Island.  Remember whanau, we have Blakelys up the Paretata end, Pritchard and Scorpion at the Panepane end - the latest thing is that all three (Blakely, Pritchard and Scorpion) have joined forces - they have offered 7,000 acres up the Paretata end back to the Matakana Island Community - all they ask is that we allow them/support them to develop 3,000 acres down at the Panepane end.  

Like Nanny Mawete - there is no way that we want any kind of development over at the bush - where to from here - well, we're having a meeting next wednesday - we have to get a cultural impact assessment done - we have got a heap a work to do - we will do our best to keep you all up to date.  We have to concentrate on getting the structure for the 5 hapu up and running - as a means of keeping everyone informed of those developments - we have decided to open up a facebook page for the 5 Hapu - not sure what we gonna call it but when we open it - invitations will be extended to the whole whanau - watch this space - might even see if the 5 Hapu can piggy back on one of the websites for now.  Anyway, catch yous later - Hei Kona.....................

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