Ngati Hau Health and Social Services

Office at Pehiaweri Marae 09 – 4370833


The Vision
A world where Ngati Hau whānau are able to realise their full potential to be happy, healthy, wealthy and strong in their identity as Ngati Hau.

Ngati Hau Health and Social Services was formally established in 2008 as an Incorporated Society. The Society is concerned with the welfare if Ngati Hau members with the aim of ensuring easy access for whānau to a comprehensive range of services such as:

·         effective health services,

·         affordable housing,

·         welfare and social services that contribute to whānau development,

·         competent education services.



Strategic Plan 2011-2015  

Five goals:

·         To provide strong and competent leadership for Ngati Hau in respect of health, social services, education, employment and housing.

·         To collate Ngati Hau data to enable us to undertake its work.

·         To develop a prioritised work programme that addresses Ngati Hau whānau ora needs.

·         To develop a competent infrastructure that will enable the Society to achieve its goals.

·         To ensure that we are transparent in what we do and accountable to the people we represent.

See the full plan here. 

The Team

Board members: Shirleyanne Brown – Chair, Hunana Seve – co Chair, Anne Kake – Secretary, Leanne Eruera – Treasurer.

Whānau ora facilitators: Les Wakefield, Moeawa Hall.

Administrator: Phyllis Gibb.

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 the team
Some of the team - see the news update

 kaimaara at Pehiaweri
Kai Maara at Pehiaweri

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