Letters of objection to mining exploration

 Extension Tapuhi exploration February 2016 here


Report from Northern Regional Council regarding heavy metals contamination in Puhipuhi area 1995



Waiariki Stream, Puhipuhi Baseline Stream Survey


Water sample report August 2013


Water sample report July 2013



Puhipuhi investigation results August 2013



Puhipuhi water and sewerage Aug-Oct 2013



Ngati Hau has concerns over possible effects of any proposed mining on the Waiariki Stream and requested a baseline survey of one site within the catchment to provide information on the existing ecology of the stream and water and sediment quality. The survey was carried out on 16th March 2012 during a period of fine weather.


Hui at Whakapara Marae 30 April 2012

The Ministry of Economic Development was invited to a hui at Whakapara Marae on 30 April 2012.

The government has opened up a tender process for organisations to apply for permits for mining exploration - Competitive Tender for Exploration Permits in Northland.

People are very concerned that there seems to be no consultation process and that there is a real threat to the environment from mining.

There is already one exploration permit issued to the Waihi Mining Company for gold and silver (around 2009). There was no consultation about that.

Approx 30 people attended the hui from Ngati Hau including local Puhipuhi farmers concerned about the effects mining could have on our environment.

Some of the kōrero to come out of the hui included:

  • the tenders are for "exploration" permits only, not mining
  • any person or group could put a tender in (not limited to Mining companies alone)
  • there is a process to safe guard private (and Māori) property rights - for example for land access and use.
  • there is "encouragement" from Ministry of Economic Development that Permit holders consult with hapū and iwi (not compulsory)

The Ministry welcomed submissions from whanau and individuals who may wish to express their position on the proposed competitive tender process for mining exploration. Closed on Weds 2 May at 5pm.

Iwi / hapuu submissions

- From Wai 1677 claimant here

- From Wai 246, 688, 1148 claimant here

Information from the Ministry of Economic Developmentabout the mining issues in Northland.

- Map Proposed area limitiation for competitive offers of minerals exploration in Northland here

- Guide to government management of minerals and coal here

- Guide to government management of petroleum here

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