The Five Ngati Hau Marae





Te Maruata 


Ngati Hau is made up of five marae that are located in areas from the Waihou Valley in Okaihau to Pehiaweri (Glenbervie) in the Whangarei area. These marae are connected through whakapapa links.

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The name Ngati Hau comes from our common ancestor, our Tūpuna Hautakowera. Following is a brief outline about the location, contact numbers for each of our marae.


Following is a brief outline about the location, contact numbers for each of the marae.


Maraenui is located in the Waihou Valley just out of Okaihau.

At the moment there is no wharehui on the whenua. The whenua was gifted by Ani Kaaro (one of the daughters of Hohaia and Kateao) and  her husband Ngakete Hapeta and eventually gazetted as a marae for the benefit of the Ngati Hau people.


A beneficiaries hui was called in February 2013 to talk about updating the Maraenui trustees. A copy of the report from that hui is here.


A group of people  including a someone from the Historic Places Trust visited the Hiona Waahi Tapu as a follow up from the February hui to assess if the Nutana Mapi headboard is able to be restored. You can see what happened here.

In 2005 a group from the waiata wananga at Whakapara made a trip north to visit our Ngati Hau lands. Our whanau at Maranui made us very welcome and showed us old photographs of Ani Kaaro and others plus an old painting of the area where Patuone  lived. These photos are from that trip. 

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Akerama                                                                                         Back to the top

Akerama is located between Towai and Hukerenui. Te Ruapekapeka Pā is also very close to the Akerama marae.


There are a number of buildings at Akerama including the wharenui tawhito ko Ruapekapeka, the wharenui hou ko Huiarau, the wharekai ko Rangi-pini-ngauru, wharepaku, tomokanga and the kohanga reo which is now used as the office. There is a carving programme underway to fully carve the wharenui Huiarau and the surrounding area. The carvings will include Ngati Hau tupuna..


The contact person for booking Akerama is Mihi Horne 09 4334987 or 027 2929630.

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Whakapara is located between Hukerenui and Hikurangi.

There are a number of buildings at Whakapara including a wharenui Te Ihi o Nehua, wharekai Te Tawaka, Tomokanga Te Whei Aoand utility and arts and crafts block.   A childrens playground keeps tamariki entertained for hours.

The contact person for booking the marae is Dale van Engelen 09 4337026 or

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Pehiaweri                                                                                                                                               Back to the top

Pehiaweri is located at Glenbervie just passed Otuihau (Whangarei Falls).


There are a number of buildings at Pehiaweri including the wharenui, wharekai and the old Manse. The Manse was used for a time as the wharenui. It has been renovated to use as an administration centre. The church beside the marae has also been rennovated.

Pehiaweri also has a lovely community garden that is used to provide people with employment and training opportunities.


The contact person for booking the marae is Les Wakefield 09 4370833 or 021 2163306.

You can also find out more about the marae on their website here.

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Te Maruata

Te Maruata is located at Edgington Road, Glenbervie.

The only building on the marae at the moment is a garage that is used at times for whanau meetings.

In 2011 pouwhenua were erected on the marae site as part of a project by a Hana Maxwell to complete a thesis for her university studies. The thesis identifies Ngati Hau Tūpuna and lands giving expression to the notion of retrieval and reclaiming of hapū knowledge. One of the key drivers for the study was to encourage Ngati Hau to be better informed.

The contact person for Te Maruata is Hana Maxwell 09459 5209.

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