Organisational Review 2012 onwards

Org Review Report  

 Charter review



Charter review

We are reviewing the Ngati Hau Trust charter/deed to bring it up to date and align it with our future focus.

May 2012 working draft developed to begin consultation  here.

Hui a hapuu held 17 June 2012 to review first draft before sending out to members for feedback.


2nd draft updated October 2012 for trustees and members to review

2nd draft copy here


March 2013 final draft given to trustees to circulate to their members and posted on this website for feedback due by 31 March 2013


Final draft reviewed by solicitor before presentation to Trustees for sign off to take back to members for ratification. Solicitor advised there were no issues or concerns with the draft.


Final draft for ratification here, to be ratified at the AGM on 3 August.

Draft sent June 2013 to Charities Commission to get feedback about any

changes that are needed for Charitable status to be granted.







Organisational Review Report

At the AGM 2012 the trust board presented the proposal for a review of the Ngati Hau Trust Board to be carried out by the new trustees.

The trust has found it difficult to operate over the last few years and a report covering the current trust administration was produced with recommendations for improvement.

Here is an overview of that report.
Here is the final report

The review will focus on:

·         Strategic Direction

·         Organisational operations

This will include a review of the Trusts constitution, the vision and guidelines and policies.

A key factor in this review is to improve communications with Ngati Hau members in New Zealand and overseas. The development of this website is part of the communication strategy.

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