Ngati Hau Trust Board

The Ngati Hau Trust Board is made up of representatives from each of our five marae.

The main function of the Ngati Hau Trust Board is to consider issues that are of mutual interest to the marae and people of Ngāti Hau, combine resources to research and initiate programmes that support the development of the hapū (cultural, social, and economic) and the preservation of our Hapū Assets and Resources.

The current Trust Board representatives are:

Maraenui - Vacant

Akerama - Watti Cooper, Alan Halliday, Benjamin Pittman 

Whakapara - Tepora kauwhata, Te Raa Nehua

Pehiaweri - Shirleyanne Brown (Chairperson), Mike Kake, Les Wakefield

Te Maruata - Hana Maxwell, Leah Maxwell


The Trust Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. The venue is rotated between the Akerama, Whakapara and Pehiaweri marae.

Contact to find out where the next meeting is.






Page last updated 6 Sep 2017