Pakihi is the name of the creek that runs below Grandma and Grandpa's homestead by our caves. The creek takes many turns and bends before meeting up with the main Waiomio river, and you will find several species of water life enjoying its cool temperature,including kewai, kokopu and kuwharu to name a few.

Pakihi is also the name of our bi-monthly newsletter that was started in 2007 as a way of keeping whanau in touch with what is going on at home.

Every issue features a "Whanau File"- profiling one of our kuia and kaumatua, followed by a "What's going on..." section for the Marae, Caves, and NgatiHine, concluding with any panui/karere for upcoming events.

There are currently over 50 whanau in Aotearoa and Australia who receive a copy of Pakihi via our whanau mail out list. If you are a descendant of Te Tawai and Maata Kawiti and you would like a copy of Pakihi please email Manuwai at

Every now and then we will post up some of the content from Pakihi for our whanau to enjoy online.


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