History of Te Poho O Tahu

Te Poho o Tahu – the bosom of Tahu – is the place where we gather, the most appropriate place to discuss all that is important to us, the descendants of Tahu Potiki.


There are many wharenui in the rohe of Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairoa, and most of us have connections to more than one of them. We are used to having all out hui at the marae, where we can discuss matters of importance within our whare tipuna, surrounded by our ancestors and confident that the outcome will be influenced by them.


The current wharenui was opened  on 6 April 1963 by Sir Eruera Tirikatene, M.P. for Southern Maori. Over 1500 attended from around the district to add to the importance of the occasion. The official opening function was followed by a discussion on problems affecting the Maori people and a social and dance was held in the evening. The wharenui is the third house at Iwitea named after the eponymous ancestor Tahu.

In 1990 the carvings on Te Poho O Tahu Wharenui were offcially opened on the 1st of December by Arapera Hineiera Whaanga Kumeroa our Kaumatua

Plaque of Opening of Carvings Te Poho O Tahu

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