Kooti Rangatahi

Marae Based Youth Court

Te Kooti Rangatahi is part of the District Court and deals mostly with youth aged between 12 and16 years old who have been charged by the police.

Te Kooti Rangatahi will appoint a youth advocate to assist the youth. The youth advocate will explain to rangatahi what their options are, and the best way of dealing with the case. Their job is making sure the court understands the child or young person's point of view and to help them take part in the court process.

Te Kooti Rangatahi may appoint a lay advocate to support the child or young person or their whānau/family group in court. Lay advocates are people with mana or standing in the young person's community. They make sure the court understands any cultural matters to do with the case.

For more information contact Hoani Waititi Marae

Page last updated 8 Jun 2012