Marae Profile Image

The result when the photo used for the Marae Profile Image is too large.

The Marae Profile Image will automatically populate both the Marae Profile Directory (found from Find Marae results) and also the image on the Marae Home page.

Uploaded images need to be 4:3 proportions and will be resized to be 340px wide and 255px high. and 200px wide and 150px high respectively. 

  • Choose a photo file that you want for use
  • Right click on the file and Open With Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  • Select Crop from the Picture drop down list on the Tool Bar
  • Choose 3x4 on the Aspect Ration drop down list
  • Adjust the position of the new sizing dimension on the photo till you are happy at the new view
  • Select OK
  • On the Picture drop down list, select Compress Pictures
  • Compress for web pages
  • Select OK
  • From the File drop down list, select Save As
  • Name the photo file 
  • Save as a .JPEG to the Desk Top
  • Close Microsoft Office Picture Manager, do not save changes to the original photo so that the originalcan be used later for other purposes.
  • If you haven't done so already, Log In to Content Manager Insite
  • On the Home drop down list, choose Select another Marae and click select your Marae
  • Go to Site drop down list and select Site Set Up
  • Remove the existing photo and Save
  • Browse and Upload your new Marae Profile Photo
  • Save.  Note:  if the Save button is not active click in a text box and the button will become active and you can save your mahi.
  • Clear your Browser cache.


Note:  this may take time to upload.  If you have any problems please contact

Page last updated 4 Aug 2008