Getting started

Note:  Before you start, you will need a Content Manager Log In. This is issued by Naumaiplace Administration and gives you access to work on your Marae Website web pages. Email to arrange this.

If this is your first time using the Content Manager Training website for training or you are refreshing you skills, follow the guidelines below so that you have a easy and effective experience:

1. Empty your browser cache

Deleting all browsing history does not delete your list of favorites or subscribed feeds. It only deletes temporary files, browsing history, cookies, saved form information, and saved passwords.

  • Click: Tools on on the Windows Internet Explorer Menu Bar above.
  • Click: Delete Browsing History.
  • Click: Delete All
  • Tick:  Also delete files and settings stored by add-ons.
  • Click: Yes

2. Log In to Naumaiplace

This is your Membership Log In found on the top right hand corner of your page, not the Content Manager Log In.  This will allow you to access the Marae Taonga page during your training session.

  • Log In
  • Click:  Update your Details
  • Click:  Add Marae
  • Iwi:  Select NaumaiIwi
  • Marae: Select Content Manager Training
  • Click: Save Your Profile

3. Working in 3 Tabs


Tab 1: (that's this one) is for Content Manager instruction. 


   Tab 2: is for Content Manager In-site.  There is where content is added to your Marae website. 
  • Click:  Content Manager at the bottom left of the Naumaiplace
  • Enter:  User name
  • Enter:  Password
  • Click:  Login
  • Click: Select another site from the Home drop down list
  • Your Marae website is the only Marae that will show, unless you are Content Manager for more than one Marae.
  • Click:  Select beside your Marae name
  • Your Marae name will have popped up on the right hand top corner of your CM Insite Page
  • You can now access your Marae website Insite workpages
    Tab 3:  for Viewing your saved work on your website.
  • Go to Find Marae
  • Enter your Marae name
  • Click:  Search
  • Click: Visit Naumai site

4. Now you are ready to start

  • Return back to Tab 1:  Content Manager Training Website (thst's this one)
  • Choose a topic from the menu bar on the left. 
  • Read about the topic
  • Go to Tab 2:  Content Manager Insite to practice or add content on your relevant Content Manager Insite work page
  • Go to Tab 3: View your saved additions to the site.  Remember to refresh your page.
  • Return back to your work page to make changes, save and view again.



Page last updated 10 Jul 2008