Creating a Virtual Tour Using Windows Movie Maker

·      Windows Movie Maker
·      Quick Steps
·      Import Clips
·      Create Titles and Credits
·      Add Effects and Transitions
·      Add Music
·      Publish your Movie
·      .flv Media Converter
·      Upload your Virtual Tour
Windows Movie Maker 
The first time we saw a Virtual Tour on Naumaiplace the team were moved. There are many ways that we make connections.
Windows Movie Maker is probably the easiest way to make a Virtual Tour if you are using a combination of photographs and video clips.  
The steps are a guideline only.  You will be able to play around and create many different types of movie effects.
Quick Steps 
·         Open Windows Movie Maker.
·         You have a choice of two views at the base of your webpage:  Storyboard and Timeline.  Start in Storyboard.
Import Clips
·         From the menu bar on the left, import the pictures and video clips that you will use into Windows Media Maker.
·         In order of appearance, select and drag and drop the pictures and video clips into the Storyboard boxes. (You
      can continue to move them around simply by dragging the Storyboard boxes to a new location).
Create Titles and Credits
·         Create a title either at the beginning of your Storyboard, before a selected clip, as an overlay, or
      as a credit at the end.
·         On the Choose the Title Animation page, browse through the different animations and watch them in the Preview 
      Monitor to get an idea of what they'll look like. When you find the animation you want to use, click Change the text font and color. 
·         Click on Add Title.
Add Effects and Transitions
·         Under Tools on the Tool Bar select Effects.  Drag and drop an Effect on to the star on the bottom left hand
      corner of your clip.
·         Do the same with Transitions.  Drag and drop a Transition to the box between your Storyboard clips. Play with them.  
      There are plenty of Transition choices.
·         Now change your Storyboard to Timeline.
Add Music
·         Import your Audio or Music into Windows Movie Maker.
·         In Timeline, select,drag and drop your Music into the Audio/Music line. Movie Maker shows your song on the timeline. 
·         In Timeline, select and drag each clip to lengthen or shorten to coincide with the beat of your music.  If the song 
                extends beyond the end of the movie, drag the right edge of the song so that it ends at the same time as your movie, 
    otherwise, the song will keep playing after your movie is done. It's a nice touch to have the music stop during a quiet spot so 
    that it doesn't just stop abruptly.
·         Click Play in the Preview Monitor to watch your movie and listen to the background music.
 Publish your Movie
·         Once you have completed making your Virtual Tour, select Publish Movies from the drop down list under File.
·         Choose Publish for playback on your computer.
·         Choose a file name and publish to your Desktop.
·         Choose Best quality for playback on your computer.
·         Press Publish.
You are now ready to convert your Virtual Tour into an .flv file ready to upload for use on your Naumaiplace Marae website.
.flv Media Converter
Under the Home drop down list in Content Manager Insite select the Help tab:
·         Select Video/Audio Media.
·         Follow the instructions and Download the Media Converter to your Desktop.
·         Unzip it.
·         Open Media Converter.  Simply drag and drop your Virtual Tour file from the Desktop and drop into the 
      Drop-video-here box.  This will create a file called the same as the original with the extension.flv and in the
      correct format for the Naumaiplace site.
Upload your Virtual Tour
·         If you have not already done so, Log in to Content Manager Insite.
·         On the Home drop down list click on Select another site.
·         Click on your Marae name and Select.
·         On the Site drop down list select Site Set Up.
·         Upload your Virtual Tour.
·         Save and view your Virtual Tour by going to your Marae website Home page.
Note:  it may take a little while to change over.  Don't worry it will happen.  Don't forget to clear your browser's cache.

Page last updated 29 Jul 2008