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Rangiwaea Marae 

"As the website is our main means of communication coupled with an email list of addresses both in Aotearoa and overseas (and growing), the return on the website investment has been tremendous, and more than paid itself off.  You've rocked our world and it just keeps getting better." - Lee Taingahue, Rangiwaea Marae


"Having one site to connect with marae all over Aotearoa is so encouraging. To see what others are doing, where they are located, how they are progressing helps to develop strength of purpose - one marae struggling in isolation is daunting one marae amongst many is uplifting and empowering." - Dale van Engelen, Whakapara Marae.


"All our Whanau all over the world can register with our Marae at Naumaiplace so they can keep up to date with what is happening at the Marae." - Lana Keil, Iwitea Marae


"This has been an awesome opportunity that has been driven by Maori to enable Maori and marae to come into the 21st century and to use the technology that so many of our people are sometimes afraid of. It has also been a tool to maintain the whakapapa links for our whanau who are unable to come home on a regular basis." - Mapihi Raharuhi, Houmaitawhiti Marae


"Since the development of our Tarimano Marae website we have been able to connect with the various wh?nau, hap?, iwi, members of Ng?ti Rangiwewehi and notify them of events occurring back on our Marae and highlight import issues happening within the rohe o Ng?ti Rangiwewehi. We have also been able to utilise the web site to put our perspective of historical events that have happened within the rohe o Te Arawa and our participation in those events."  - Rikihana Hancock, Tarimano Marae

Owhata Marae 
Tarimano Marae 

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