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Naumaiplace has achieved and continues to achieve unique access and interaction with Māori and Marae. It has allowed for an international community to reach and link back home through our website portal. This is something that has never been effectively achieved before with our people on such a large scale. Naumaiplace is now the most viewed website for Maori communities and interest continues to grow exponentially.

In order to provide a more holistic resource for our whanau, we approached various educational facilities and Māori organizations, offering our services and resources. We have been privileged to be involved in new and exciting Marae based programs that will further empower its importance and access worldwide.

Naumaiplace is moving forward and we would like you to join us in this future.

The Naumaiplace.com Package


Your new website comes fully loaded with a range of tools and functions designed with Marae needs in mind:

  • Links whanau directly to their marae;
  • Provides Marae with a connection to their whanau – worldwide;
  • Re-establishes, strengthens, nurtures, and increases capabilities to express kinship;
  • This can also link them to HapÅ«, Iwi and Waka;
  • Whanau can ‘keep up’ with the latest Marae news;
  • All whanau can get the opportunity to know and support their hau kainga and the important roles and responsibilities that they carry out on behalf of the whanau;
  • A dynamic, individual living (always being added to) Marae website;
  • Marae location and significant landmark details;
  • Increased Marae management awareness and support;
  • Online whakapapa and history;
  • Photographic records; Forums;
  • Sound and movie media files of waiata tawhito;
  • Newsletters;
  • A Marae booking process;
  • Community view pages;
  • Virtual tours of Marae;
  • Quick and easy tangihanga notices;
  • Naumaiplace.com shopping with a percentage going back to the Marae;
  • Increased awareness and access to entitlements;
  • Kaumatua and whanau spotlights;
  • Opportunities for whanau worldwide to support Marae based initiatives;
  • Prospects of a substantial passive income for Marae; and
  • A website that is quick and easy to establish.

Content Manager Training

The role of the Marae Website Content Manager would have to be one of the most exciting, comprehensive and rewarding multi-media roles available to Maori.

The role of Content Manager is multi-faceted. It builds confidence and prepares you for leadership. Effective leaders are effective communicators. You will develop judgement skills in how to put the message across - knowing what is valid and what is relevant. It involves seeking out information. You will learn to strategise, plan and produce. It will improve your literacy as you become a "print junkie".

Working on behalf of your Marae and whanau, you research, explore, document, market and publish important information.  You are instrumental in building the bridge between worlds and ensuring that your Marae website remains alive and not a 'e-relic'.


Massive Sale


For a limited time only, you can launch your Marae website for ... FREE!*

*Conditions Apply. 

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