Nau Mai, Haere Mai
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Whanau connecting to their Marae

Every marae tells a story of iwi, hapu, whanau connections

Tupuna , whenua relationships

Everyone is looking for meaning and belonging: 


This place called home, the place where your roots began

The place where experiences past and present culminate , gather, process and matures us all.

There you can find a place to be yourself.

Nau mai , haere mai .....naumaiplace 


Through Naumaiplace  Whanau members across the world are connecting with the activity on their marae 

Australia to Kuwait, Canada to Japan, Sweden to Italy

Whanau around the world can interact, learn, teach and take up the roles of kaitiakitanga.


Latest News
2 JAN 2018 NGATI MANU AUDIO WA... M: Ngati Manu
3 FEB 2018 WATAKA NAU MAI HAER... M: Ngati Manu
Building Project - Concept Pla... M: Te Tapui
2 DEC 2017 JASON WYNYARD 227 T... M: Ngati Manu
ONLINE NGATI MANU Registration... M: Ngati Manu
Winning Batons Up M: Te Poho O Te Rehu
October Trustees Meeting Postp... M: Te Poho O Te Rehu
Te Whare Whitinga o Te Ra Earl... M: Owhata
Te Kauhanganui Elections 7 Sep... M: Hukanui
30 November AGM re-elects Trus... M: Hukanui
Upcoming Events
SAT 3 FEB 8.30AM NGATI MANU MPs Cel... M: Ngati Manu
SAT 17 FEB 10AM TE RA O POMARE M: Ngati Manu
SUN 11 FEB 9.30AM KMC HUI M: Ngati Manu
AGM and Fundraiser M: Te Poho O Te Rehu
Marae Trustees meeting M: Te Poho O Te Rehu

Having a Marae website enables you to:

  • Connect with whanau - worldwide
  • Present your own histories
  • Showcase significant landmarks
  • Keep up with news from home and abroad
  • Give support to Hau Kainga
  • Help your whanau improve their IT skills
  • Manage your own secure sound and video files for waiata tawhito and korero
  • Utilise quick Tangihanga and other unexpected events or emergency notifications

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